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Eurolink offers £2000 Budget ‘scrappage’ allowance

Eurolink founding director Nigel Poole said: "No matter how the Chancellor’s Budget has affected you this week, everyone is feeling worse off these days, particularly those in the property business.

"We were inspired by the Budget measures offering a discount for people to scrap their old motors so they can buy a new vehicle.

"We reckon there’s a few old bangers out there in property software also.

"Eurolink users will testify that our systems already offer significant advantages over others on the market and allow them to make long-term savings – but we wanted to give an immediate benefit as well and that is why we are offering £2000 cash for agencies to switch."

Eurolink’s highly-successful Veco range of products includes Veco-onelettings, Veco-onesales, Veco-oneestate and Veco-oneauctions. Its flagship product is the Veco-onesystem which covers residential lettings, sales, estate management and auctions in one single complete solution.

The Veco-onesystem is the first and only CRM package to collate details of all an agency’s contacts into a single database record, irrespective of whether they are buyers, sellers, landlords or tenants.

"It is crucial that property agencies become as efficient as possible in the current economic climate," Poole said.

"The fact that our Veco-onesystem is precisely that – one system for all property agency disciplines – means that users are saving themselves the aggravation and expense of multiple systems.

"This single system efficiency means they are also saving staff time – which again is another expense.

"We know that Eurolink users can enjoy huge cost savings and we also know how difficult it might be for some firms to consider change when the market is so depressed even if it makes financial sense in the medium to long term.

"But our £2000 ‘scrappage’ deal also offers an immediate short-term benefit.

"And property agencies can rest assured that with Eurolink systems they can continue to enjoy benefits through financial and time savings for years to come – long after this recession is over."

For more information on Eurolink visit www.eurolinksoftware.co.uk or phone Eurolink on 0870 243 2220