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Virgin Media rolls out 100Mb broadband

Neil Berkett, chief executive officer at Virgin Media said: “The launch of our 100Mb service is a significant milestone in the UK’s broadband evolution and a vivid illustration of the power of our next generation network. From establishing the UK’s first ever broadband service in 2000 to the launch of 100Mb in 2010, in the space of just ten years, Virgin Media has led the greatest developments in digital Britain. The world of possibilities that broadband will enable is set to explode and we’re excited about the innovations we can bring to consumers in the next decade.”

Prime Minister, David Cameron, welcomed the news and said: "We want to see super-fast broadband brought to people’s homes and businesses right across the country and this exciting news takes us a step closer towards reaching that goal."

The 100Mb service will allow users to download an entire music album in an estimated 5 seconds; a TV show in around 30 seconds, a high quality movie in as little as 1½ minutes and a high definition movie in around 7 minutes. However Virgin Media research has shown the service will truly come into its own when more than one person in a household is using the service at the same time. Following trials of 100Mb and 200Mb speeds, the company found internet usage increased exponentially, providing users with a hassle-free and enjoyable way to access entertainment and everyday services.

Mr Berkett added: “We have already seen a massive uptake in the number of customers watching video rich services and bandwidth hungry high definition programmes and clips. We are now in a world where people want the best connectivity with whatever screen they are using and those service providers that aren’t able to deliver this will simply be left behind.”

As well as providing 100Mb download speeds, the service will also deliver 10Mb upload speeds, giving Virgin Media customers the ability to share content such as live high-definition video with ease. The new 100Mb package comes with a new custom built energy efficient combined modem and wireless ‘N’ router, with the potential to deliver speeds of up to 400Mb as new services roll-out in the future. A typical family will be able to get the new ultrafast service for as little as £35 a month6 when bought in a bundle, or just £45 per month when bought as a sole product.

The 100Mb service will be rolled out across Virgin Media’s cable network, which reaches nearly 13 million homes, and will be made available in new areas as Virgin Media expands its network.

The first areas to get the ultrafast service will include parts of London, the South East and Yorkshire, with the roll-out expected to be complete by mid 2012.

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