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Veco™ software USP is a fundamental benefit to Keeler & Co

After an initial start with a well known national software brand the company discovered it’s fundamental requirement could not be fulfilled and so after being recommended to the Veco-onesystem™ from www.eurolink.co , it had no hesitation in making the decision to change.
Keeler & Co owner Nicola Keeler said:
"After agreeing the purchase of a well known software package we discovered that a fundamental requirement of our business couldn’t be delivered or accommodated. We wanted the flexibility to choose which websites individual properties should be submitted to for marketing purposes. Having spoken to another local Agent and following their recommendation we made an enquiry to get a demonstration of Veco-onesystem™ from Eurolink Software. We found that with Veco we could have the best of both worlds in that we have the comfort factor of an ‘off the peg’ software from a well established company along side the flexibility delivered through the bespoke configuration and customisation within the Veco software application. We found the sales process very professional and look forward to the implementation and future benefits of using Veco as our single solution for Sales, Lettings, Property Management and Client Accounting’.
Eurolink director Richard Murray said:
"Veco™ is flexible enough to accommodate the requirements of the professional estate and letting agency and in this case the particular the requirements of Keeler & Co.
"We’re delighted to welcome Keeler & Co as a new client and look forward to the successful implementation of Veco™ in their business."

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