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Eurolink raises £731 in support of Coldstream Guards

The firm also sold special Coldstream Guards Wristbands to help generate extra cash for the fund.

 Handing over a cheque to Army Careers Advisor Lance Sergeant Simon Hebson, Eurolink director Nigel Poole said: “Through the generosity of our clients and our pledge to contribute from presentations booked during the qualifying period I’m delighted we have been able to donate £731 in support of this worthy cause.

“We are pleased that our www.eurolink.co  clients have helped us raise so much money towards this appeal.

“We hope it will help soldiers and their loved ones through whatever situation they find themselves in as a result of putting their lives on the line for our country.

“We owe them a tremendous debt of gratitude which I hope this cheque will go a very small way to help pay back.”

The wristband awareness campaign was set up by the Coldstream Guards to assist the families of those members of the Battalion who are killed in action by supporting funeral costs beyond what the Army already provides.

It also aims to support those injured on operations and their families to help with costs incurred to make alterations to their homes if needed.

In addition, the campaign assists families of those currently deployed to help them cope with separation.

And it aids soldiers returning from operations – helping facilitate their transition to normal life.

High-profile backers of the campaign include TV gardener Alan Titchmarsh and new WBA heavyweight boxing champion David Haye.

For more details about the Coldstream Guards Wristband appeal go to www.shinycapstar.com

For more information on Eurolink visit www.eurolinksoftware.co.uk