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Eurolink Veco system uploads properties to Google portal

Eurolink’s Veco system has been adapted to ensure client property information is continuously uploaded to Google Base.

Client sales and rental property details can be added by www.eurolink.co so they are displayed within the Google Maps map window.  A link to the client agent’s website is also visible along with the standard Google Maps features.

Eurolink director Richard Murray said: "Google’s new portal will have a major impact on the UK property industry when it goes live.

"Agents need to ensure they are able to get their properties on the portal otherwise they will lose out to their competitors in terms of both marketing exposure and business.

"Because our Veco system is highly adaptive, Eurolink clients will be the first to take advantage of the new Google portal as our system is able to link directly to Google Base.

"We will upload our clients’ properties every day in an XML format which Google will process. Each client will have to have a Google Base account set up."

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