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Man hooks home into Twitter

The sensors feed information to a central hub that, with the help of some specially written software, translates into words a sensor notification that, say, the bathroom heater has been turned on.

As a result, Stanford-Clark then receives a “bathroom heater turned on” Twitter message through his mobile phone.

The fellow’s aim is to help his family become more eco-friendly by reducing their energy consumption at home. But it’s not clear exactly how a Twitter notification that his bathroom heater’s just been turned on helps Stanford-Clark reduce energy use.

Perhaps he then drives home to switch the heater off…

Nonetheless, Stanford-Clark reportedly claimed to have already cut his electricity consumption by one third since installing his Twitter technology.

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0 thoughts on “Man hooks home into Twitter

  1. Mike Bowen says:

    God, that bloke needs a life! Does it also tell him when the milkman pops in for a quick “chat” with his wife, as he’s so dull?!?!?