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Students welcome movement on tenancy deposits

“NUS Scotland has undertaken considerable research which shows a third of students have had their deposits withheld.

Although we recognise that the majority of landlords maintain high standards, we remain committed to the introduction of a tenancy deposit scheme in Scotland, similar to that which already exists in England and Wales, as the only way to combat deposits being unfairly withheld by a minority of unscrupulous landlords.

"We look forward to continuing our work with the Minister and the stakeholder working group on this issue.”

NUS Scotland has conducted research into students’ experiences in the private rented sector in Scotland. The findings of this research are outlined in their "Brick by Brick"  report which you can find here: http://tinyurl.com/c68jdb

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0 thoughts on “Students welcome movement on tenancy deposits

  1. John Thorpe says:

    I am the Chairman of a Landlords Association in a University town in SE England.. My student landlords are in favour of the Uni or Local Authority compliling a list of registered landlords for student accomm. We as law abiding landlords want to see the bad landlords weeded out as much as anyone.
    It is a fact that students are obliged to lo0k for low cost accommodation or sharing with others in order to keep within their budget. This is not a fault by the landlord.It is a fact of life. Low rent woill mean a lower standard of accommdation but it doesn’t mean a lower level of safety or anmenity.
    Students are quick tpo complain and will challenge costs for damage repairs by categorising the damage they have caused as fair wear and tear.
    The landlord is running a business in which he expects to get a fair return on the capital value of his rented properties. The current rate of return after paymentv of expenses and BEFORE TAX is about 3.5%. Does this look like capitalist greed to you.??
    Landlords cannot be forced to provide accommodation for students. Don’t forget that.
    I would advise the Students Union and other campaigners to act fairly themselves and check the anecdotal evidence out carefully. If State or Local Authority registration is forced upon landlords, many landlords will give up renting to students and if they dont do this they will expect to recover any fees etc through an increase in the rent.