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The race is on to find student digs

Choose your housemates carefully

Moving into a house with other students should be great fun. However, remember that you will be living together in close proximity for a year, so it can be a nightmare if you get it wrong. Remember, best friends do not always make for the best housemates.

Start your search early

Especially in popular student towns, there can be thousands of people looking for accommodation at the same time. Start as early as possible to give yourself the best chance of finding the right place.

Choose the area that’s right for you

University is full of different opportunities, and everyone will have different interests. If you like to party in the evening then a home near the Student Union will make sense, but a football player might prefer to be nearer the sports pitches. Good transport links and well-lit areas will give you security late at night and help you save money on getting around.  

Do your research

Shortlist agents in your area from email4property.co.uk, then use the email function to let them all know what you’re looking for. It is worth viewing a range of properties to find out what represents good value for the area that you are interested in before deciding on which one that is right for you.

Take notes and photos

If you are visiting a number of different properties, it can be difficult to remember all of them when it comes to make your decision. It pays to make some notes and take pictures of each property on your phone to remind yourself of what each one is really like.

Check your deposit is registered and that you have a gas certificate

Landlords or estate agents are required to register your deposit, as well as ensuring that the gas supply is safe. Both laws are designed to protect tenants so make sure they comply.

Keep on top of utilities bills

Money is one of the most frequent causes of arguments among housemates. Keep on top of your utilities bills to make sure no one is paying more than they should. And don’t forget to buy a TV licence.

Set a cleaning rota

Another major cause of arguments among student housemates is over the cleaning of the house. Set a rota to make sure it is done regularly and by everyone in the house. Alternatively, try assigning everyone a room, along with their own bedroom, that they are responsible for cleaning.

Steve Lees, Head of Marketing at Email4Property.co.uk, comments:

“Going up to uni is always an exciting time – it is a rite of passage for many young people. However, there are some common pitfalls when renting student accommodation that can really take the gloss off the student experience. Students should follow these simple tips to help them get the best out of uni life and allay any fears parents may have.”

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