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World Cup rivalries set to divide flatmates

Just under half of all flatsharers (45%) admit they would enjoy seeing their flatmate’s team lose. Of those, English fans are the most vindictive, with 64% of fans relishing the prospect of their flatmate’s teams losing. And while 50% of American fans would like to see their flatmates’ country lose, French fans are the least competitive, with just 17% hoping for their flatmates’ teams to lose. 

One fifth of those watching matches with roommates (20%) will be gambling together on the outcome. On average, flatmates gambling on the matches expect to bet £26 in total during the competition.  Across the UK, this will total £9,335,128.

Jonathan Moore, the director of Easyroommate.co.uk, said

“In football, rivalries run deep – and the World Cup is already causing friction between housesharers. People from all over the world share homes together and the World Cup will bring out many national rivalries.  But globally popular events like the World Cup are also a great opportunity for flatmates to build closer relationships. Many are making the most of the friendly competition and are even having a flutter with their flatmates!”

The survey found that respondents most want to see France exit the competition, followed by Brazil, Germany and Italy. France’s unpopularity was driven in large by English fans – with 21% of all English respondents hoping for their early exit. Only 9% of respondents wish to see England eliminated, with anti-English sentiments mainly coming from Americans (19%), Scots (18%) and the French (9%).

Moore continues: “Old national rivalries die hard. Germany has long been considered England’s bitterest footballing rival, but France was by far the most unpopular team amongst English supporters. It’s unclear whether this stems from our competitive national history, or France’s dubious qualification. But any Anglo-French households may well see strained relations in the coming weeks – and a frosty atmosphere if they play each other in later rounds!”

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