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Nine out of ten students rent from private landlords

But most important for over a third of all students (36%) is for their rental accommodation to be in close proximity of their university campus. An additional 27% also indicated that the price of a rental property is the most crucial consideration, suggesting that landlords who are able to supply reasonably priced accommodation in the vicinity of a major university stand the best chances of attracting students.

One of the aspects of the student rental market that residential landlords should take into consideration is the fact that the majority of undergraduates (53%) suggest that sharing their accommodation with friends is an important part of their rental experience while at university. Simon Thompson serves as AccommodationforStudent.com’s managing director, and he noted that sharing a house or flat not only helps to lower costs, but also appeals to students transitioning from life with their parents to living independently as adults.

As such, landlords with properties that can accommodate three or more students often enjoy the biggest share of the undergraduate market. Having a spacious kitchen is also highly valued, as students are looking for plenty of counter space in order to prepare their meals at home and avoid the extra expenses associated with eating out.

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