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Students snub British politicians for Barack Obama

The study, by www.accommodationforstudents.com, surveyed over 1,100 UK University students to reveal over half (51%) would most like to live with someone who is ‘intelligent and tidy.’ Only 14% crave a ‘rich and generous’ housemate (14%), while even fewer care about them being ‘sexy and gorgeous’ (11%).

Following in Margaret Thatcher’s footsteps, famed for surviving on just 4 hours sleep a night, 7 out of 10 of students revealed they go to bed at midnight or later. 42% of those do not crash until 1am most nights.

This however, does not affect their productivity with 78% of students stating they are up studying by 10am and rarely skip lectures to kip. 60% claim they never shun classes in favour of the duvet and only 5% admit to staying under the sheets regularly. With tuition fees rapidly rising and relating to a three year full-time degree course now standing at £9,675, undergraduates are more determined to succeed than ever.

Simon Thompson, Managing Director of Accommodationforstudents.com who commissioned the survey, commented: “Students today are inspired by intelligent people like Obama and see them as role models. In a world where WAGs reign supreme and celebrity culture has gone mad, it’s really pleasing to see that the country’s brightest young people see beyond all the glamour and aspire to prosper through brainpower.

“They know that hard work will get them more than their five minutes of fame. It definitely puts the UK in good stead for a successful future.”

When it comes to students’ actual flat mates, 54% confess they drive them mad. Old habits die hard, with 30% eating each other’s food and almost three quarters (72%) complain they are unbearably untidy.

Students also have 21st century annoyances to cope with too, accounting for 13% of arguments. Computer-crazy students hack in to each other’s Facebook accounts and leave incriminating posts. Some spiteful students even admitted taunting other undergraduates over deadlines by deleting work they’ve saved on their laptops.

Undergraduates, who have to compete for places, value the opportunities university gives them. The results of the accommodationforstudents.com poll reveal that students are hardworking, intelligent and study-focused. They idolise intelligent role models, such as President Obama, and even want to live with him. Students appreciate that fame does not necessarily equal fortune and know that with a good education and a good night’s kip they too can succeed.

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