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Students feel pinch as accommodation costs rise 22%

Student housing charity Unipol and NUS expressed concern at ever increasing rents with fewer property types being available for rent. The report calls for universities and private providers to ensure that affordability and choice are reflected in the development of accommodation.
Wes Streeting, NUS President said:
"Students are already graduating with tens of thousands of pounds of debt, and soaring accommodation costs will only make the situation worse. With graduate job prospects at an all time low, things are looking very bleak for many students."

"It is remarkable that, despite the fact that students are already incurring huge costs in order to obtain a degree, some vice chancellors and private providers think it is acceptable to both argue for higher tuition fees and slam students with excessive rent prices. Students simply cannot afford to be hit with this double whammy."

Martin Blakey, Chief Executive of Unipol said:
"Just as property prices could not go on rising forever, there is a point at which these kind of rent rises must slow and we are now seeing this in 2010. Whilst high quality student accommodation is to be welcomed, it is of concern that lower priced accommodation is no longer available.

"Educational institutions must make sure that they maintain a range of accommodation types at a price that all of their students can afford."

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