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Top 10 Renting Tips for Students

  • Don’t worry about the exterior.

    Most of the houses look pretty ropey from the outside. Don’t worry about this at all, just make sure the space you have to live in is up to scratch.

  • Look at the walls, the carpets and floors and the ceiling.

    Once a lot of furniture and posters are in the house they can obscure inherent defects that will be apparent once the current tenants take them away when they leave. Try to gauge the quality of the carpets and walls when you are looking around.

  • Ask what comes with the house and what has been brought into it.

    It is possible that the current tenants have brought all of their own furniture into the house. Ask what will be left when they leave. Don’t be fooled if an agency tells you that the house is furnished – legally the definition of ‘furnished’ leaves something to be desired.

  • Ask about the response of the landlord and agency to any problems.

    If the landlord and/or agency are good at responding to problems this bodes well for the rest of the house.

  • Don’t be put off if the house is a mess.

    If the house stinks or is a mess, this can put you off but remember this is mess created by those who live there and is not a feature of the house itself. Then again, if a house is tidy and clean then it’s probably quite good.

  • Find out what electrical items come with the house.
  • It really is useful to have a washing machine. Laundrettes are not that easy to find and they are expensive compared to the machines in college. Don’t expect a TV either.

  • Ask what living there is like.

    Sounds obvious, but asking this could lead to useful information about the area, how noisy the road is, what the neighbours are like etc.

  • Ask what the house was like when the current tenants moved in.

    The current tenants can tell you what problems there were and what was done to sort them out and whether they reoccurred. They’ll no doubt tell you if the place was a state when they moved in. Cleaning a house from top to bottom at the start of term is not fun.

  • Don’t live somewhere that doesn’t feel right.

    If a house is perfect as far as you can work out but it doesn’t feel right, don’t try and persuade yourself. Just move on to the next one.

  • Disagree? What would your top 10 renting tips be? Let us know by submitting a comment below.

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