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Homeless families need decent rented accommodation

However in response to a Government consultation, Crisis has set out that if councils do use this power then properties must be:

– In a suitable location – Changes to the way Housing Benefit is calculated will make it more difficult to secure accommodation for homeless households within boroughs with high rental costs. There have already been worrying reports of London boroughs seeking to place homeless families as far away as Stoke-on-Trent.

– At an affordable level of rent – Crisis is concerned that local authorities may place homeless households in properties where the rent is not completely covered by Housing Benefit. This will mean people will have to make up any shortfall from other sources of income or risk falling into rent arrears, with the possibility of repeat homelessness.

– With appropriate support – it is crucial that appropriate support is available to homeless households. It will be very important for local authorities to look at the work being done by PRS access schemes in supporting homeless households into PRS accommodation.

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2 thoughts on “Homeless families need decent rented accommodation

  1. Scotty Boy says:

    I’m sorry but has the world gone mad. When Crisis contribute towards the rental payments then they can have an opinion. If a suitable house is avaiable in Stoke on Trent then it must be better than being homeless. There is a difference between being homeless and choosing to be homeless. Crisis get your act together. A home is a home is a home. If someone refuses a home on the grounds of location then they should loose their entitlement to Housing Benefit.

  2. Think if you were homeless, you would be glad of a house, no matter where it was, so you could get back on your feet. A lot of people in Ireland rent in the private sector, topping up with their housing benefit.

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