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Shapps: Setting the benchmark for transparency in social housing

He called on other housing associations to follow the example of Viridian and Home Group, who are setting the benchmark for a new era of transparency in social housing.

Since becoming Housing Minister, Mr Shapps has consistently challenged all social landlords to match his Department’s commitment on transparency about expenditure, so tenants can see how their rent is being spent.

Minsters believe that by subjecting themselves to greater scrutiny, housing associations can achieve better business discipline and ensure every transaction represents good value for money.

Mr Shapps said social landlords would be left behind if they failed to acknowledge the growing demands of tenants to see how their rent is being spent and, like the Government, be willing to change in order to meet those expectations.

Over the next few months officials from the Department for Communities and Local Government will hold a series of discussions with individual housing associations to discuss how they can become more transparent in the way they run their business.

Housing Minister Grant Shapps said:

"Housing associations have a long and distinguished track record of providing the affordable homes that millions of tenants rely on. But with more pressure on the public purse than ever, all organisations that receive money from the taxpayer should expect to come under greater scrutiny and be willing to explain their financial decisions.
"So I’m delighted that Viridian, like Home Group before them, has taken this decision to become more transparent to tenants who put the pennies in their purse. Transparency is not just a nice-to-have, it is vital for driving down costs and ensuring more is achieved with every taxpayers’ pound. Large amounts of public money have been invested in social housing – so tenants and the public now deserve to know if their money is being well spent."

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