13% increase in number of homeless households

"As a result of the recession, cuts and the high cost of living, the number of homeless people continues to rise.

“Especially alarming, is the jump in number of people becoming homeless because they have had to leave their privately rented homes. We are concerned that this trend will accelerate as the Government’s changes to housing benefit bite. 

“Becoming homeless shouldn’t be inevitable if you lose your job, can’t afford your rent or fall into difficulty. Urgent action is needed to keep more people in their homes. 

“Housing benefit should reflect the real cost of renting, tenants need to know their rights but ultimately more affordable homes have to be built. The fact that many councils are unable to house people they accept as homeless clearly illustrates the housing crisis we face. 

“If we don’t provide access to the right advice, help and support now, we are potentially looking at a bigger, more expensive, problem in the future.”

According to analysis by Homeless Link, the umbrella body for 500 homelessness charities of the figures published today, between January and September this year:

• The number of households accepted as homeless by councils in England has increased by 13% (compared to same period in 2010).

• The number of people becoming homeless because of an end to their short hold tenancy has increased by 35 % (compared to same period in 2010). However, comparing this to the same period in 2009 showed that the number has increased by 73%.

• The number of people placed in B&Bs by local authorities once accepted as homeless has increased by 30% (compared to same period in 2010).

• The number of people that councils accept as homeless but are unable to house has increased by 26 % (compared to same period in 2010).

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