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‘New rules will help end prejudices about social housing’

Instructions published this week by the Minister will ensure that councils and housing associations will, for the first time, have genuine freedom to ensure that more people benefit from social housing.

Starting next year, new tenants will now get the helping hand they need for as long as they need it, rather than a single option of a home for life, ensuring more social homes are available to people who need them. Shapps said for too long social housing was seen by many as a second-class option, and these changes would restore its original purpose – to provide a flexible alternative to help tenants achieve their aspirations.

Ministers believe the current system has failed, and are introducing the most radical and fundamental reforms to social housing for a generation. The new instructions published this week are a key step in delivering that reform, and will make social housing fairer by striking a sensible balance between the needs of new and existing tenants, whose tenancies will not be affected.

Shapps said: "For too long social housing has been seen by many people as a byword for failure, a home for life in a dead-end street. I want to restore pride to social housing, so a social tenancy is once again seen as a launch pad to fulfil aspirations.

"That’s why I have published new instructions for councils and housing associations so, for the first time, they have genuine freedom to ensure more people benefit from living in a social home.

"These changes will not affect existing tenants, but allow landlords to make more housing available for those most in need and give people the helping hand they need, for as long as they need it, including lifetime security where it is appropriate."

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