More housing choices needed for older people to support downsizing

Domini Gunn, CIH Director of Public Health and Vulnerable Communities, said: "Our housing policies need to look forward to create real choice for people as they get older through a range of different housing types and tenures for our ageing population.

"This need is driven by the levels of under occupation identified in the IF report, the lack of affordable housing for younger people and the plight of some older people who find themselves isolated in homes that they cannot afford to run and maintain.

"Owner occupiers aged over 60 are twice as likely to live in homes with serious disrepair as other home owners. We welcome the focus that this report brings, but would like a greater emphasis on good quality, locally available advice and support an inclusive debate about solutions that will meet the needs of older people.

"It is not helpful to talk about older people hoarding homes, or considering how to incentivise downsizing, if we are not encouraging and supporting policy and planning decisions that provide attractive, alternative homes to move to."

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