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1 in 4 London children overcrowded

The biggest rise is in the social rented sector, where 43 per cent of children are overcrowded.

The news comes on the day Shelter launches a short film, ‘A Question for Mr Johnson’.

The film features children talking about the devastating impact overcrowding is having on their education. They’re calling on the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, to do more to help.

In 2009, the Mayor set a target to halve severe overcrowding in the capital by 2016. Shelter is warning that the huge surge in overcrowding, expected to increase further when changes to housing benefit start to bite, mean the Mayor’s target is getting further and further off track.

Shelter’s chief executive Campbell Robb said: ‘There’s no doubt that overcrowding is London’s hidden housing crisis. Behind closed doors, hundreds of thousands of children are suffering in cramped conditions that are doing lasting damage to their education and wellbeing.

‘It’s shocking to think that in the twenty-first century this is a problem that is getting worse.’

‘Simply put, unless more is urgently done to tackle overcrowding, many more London children will be robbed of a fair chance in life. We need to see bigger and bolder action from the Mayor or we risk failing a whole generation of London children.’

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One thought on “1 in 4 London children overcrowded

  1. sharon Baker says:

    I fail to see why it is the state fault if fail people deiced to have children they can’t afford or house. This country needs to reeducate people about the responsibility of having children. The state is there is assist not fund your life chose.
    it about time people take responsible for their actions. The free ride days are gone we are over populated. And the services are over stretch there not enough money coming in to cover the cost and the tax payers are feeling it in every direction.

    That your hard luck if you live in an overcrowd property because you deiced to have another child you can’t house.

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