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‘Don’t make tenants complain via MPs and councillors’

It also fears the proposal would force tenants who might have an in-depth knowledge of the policies surrounding the particular issue at hand to make their complaint via someone who in effect would be a third-party generalist.

One way to illustrate the flaw in the proposed measure would be to show the full extent of the breadth of knowledge held by tenants.

And to show the illogicality of the proposal, the NHF is asking members to introduce it to tenants who know the social housing world well – perhaps tenants who are members of staff or tenant board members.

The NHF knows that while these tenants are extremely unlikely to want to pursue a complaint, having case studies to hand that highlight the extent of their knowledge would illustrate the absurdity of their being forced to involve a less well-informed third party.

The Localism Bill is due to start its passage through the House of Lords early this month.

If you know of any tenant who has an in-depth knowledge of housing association policies and rules please contact Emma Burnell on emma.burnell@housing.org.uk.

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