Housing benefit changes will increase risk of youth homelessness, says TUC

The rate varies according to the average of local rents in different areas of the country.

Commenting on the announcement on Monday (28th March 2011) by Pensions Minister Steve Webb, TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber said:

‘This reform runs the risk of increasing homelessness among young people as many will have their benefit entitlement significantly reduced.

‘There is almost no chance that all of these people will be able to find alternative accommodation at affordable rents.

‘With unemployment still rising and the housing crisis deepening, the government seems intent on piling on the financial pain for young adults.’

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0 thoughts on “Housing benefit changes will increase risk of youth homelessness, says TUC

  1. Mick Roberts

    This age limit used to be 25. And I had to tell loads of 23 year old lads ‘I can’t give u a flat yet, because u won’t get enough rent. U will have to ask me again when u r 25. Now there are going to be lots of 33 year old grown men having to move back in with Mum or homeless, because the Govt won’t pay for them till they are 34-I think it is actually 35. Absolutely bonkers. Where does the Govt think they are going to live?

  2. Dave Ryan

    With 500,000 public sector jobs and 400,000 private sector jobs expected to disappear over the next 4 years (Chartered Inst of Personnel & Development’s figures, not mine) there are not may people who will be able to earn their rent ! It is a disgrace that even if living in a self-contained flat, an adult in his or her thirties will be treated as if sharing facilities. This government has no respect for anyone !

  3. Patricia Hall

    I worked all my adult life until becoming very ill when I was 41. I have to rely upon housing benefit to pay my rent, if it goes down I shall be homeless, and the cuts in DLA will mean I wont be able to afford anything at all. How is the government going to cope with so many homeless, including those with disabilities?
    I am terrified of the future