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70,000 children in temporary accommodation

The campaign, "Sheltering Hands", is based around the stories of families with children who have lost their home and the impact this has had on their children’s lives. The campaign is aiming to raise £135,000 for the charity’s vital work.

In England last year 69,054 children were living in temporary accommodation.

Cambridge University research commissioned by Shelter estimates that a further 134,000 families face losing their home this year as a result of recent measures introduced by the Government. Within these households are 130,000 children.

Campbell Robb, chief executive of Shelter, said: "It is a tragedy that in our affluent nation, tens of thousands of children wake up every day without the safety and security of a place to call home. From our experience we know this can have a devastating impact on their health, education and social wellbeing, robbing them of a fair chance in life.

"In this country every two minutes someone faces the nightmare of losing their home. Millions more face a daily struggle to meet their housing costs, with people forced to live away from friends and family.

"With tough times ahead we are facing more people in need of help with less money to support them. Now more than ever we need people to support our work and help protect the housing safety net that lets people keep a roof over their heads."

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