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Council house numbers soar in Scotland

Figures also show that in the last four years 24,384 new social homes were started, more than in any equivalent period since the early 1980s.

Restrictions on Right to Buy also saw a continuing fall in council house sales with 1,641 in the year to September, 2010, an 8 per cent decrease on the previous year.

As a consequence, during 2009-10 there were 28,462 permanent social housing lettings, an increase of 15 per cent compared to the previous year.

Housing and Communities Minister Alex Neil said:

"As these figures show, Scotland’s housing system continues to face major challenges. However, unlike Westminster, we are not turning our back on social rented housing.

"Local authorities are to be congratulated for the record numbers of council houses taking root across Scotland. This Government is investing over £100 million to help make this a reality.

"This is the first central government funding to encourage local authorities to build new housing in 30 years. Combined with ending the right to buy on all new build social housing, this will reverse decades of decline in council stock levels.

"This is in stark contrast to what was achieved by the last administration, which delivered six council houses in Scotland.

"The future will be tough as massive UK Government’s cuts begin to bite, which is why we must make every penny of Government money go further to increase the supply of affordable homes across the country."

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