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New social media campaign to ‘Save Housing in Portsmouth’

Councillor Hancock, who is also MP for Portsmouth South, will be responsible for approving the Article 4 designation at a meeting on 31 January 2011.

Portsmouth City Council believes that shared housing, popular with young professionals, students and those on low incomes, can have “negative effects” on “local communities”.

The National Landlords Association argues that the plans will have a devastating effect on the City and lead to a dramatic decline in the supply of good quality affordable housing available.

David Salusbury, Chairman, National Landlords Association, said:

“Unfortunately Portsmouth, like other cities across the country, has a lack of good quality affordable housing. The proposed Article 4 designation will ensure it has even less. Aside from the obvious impact this will have on local landlords, these plans will be devastating for the many people who have little option other than to rely on shared housing. Be they young professionals unable to get on the property ladder, students unable to secure accommodation on the University of Portsmouth campus or vulnerable and low income people on Portsmouth City Council’s housing waiting list, all will struggle to find a home. That’s why it is important local people oppose these plans and support Save Housing In Portsmouth”.

Ken Staunton, National Landlords Association’s Local Representative for Hampshire, said:

“I fear that if the proposed Article 4 designation in Portsmouth goes through, it will make it impossible for local landlords, like myself, to provide more homes for sharers, students and people on low incomes. It will also have a terrible effect on the whole community including local businesses that are already struggling and may lose vital customers as a result of these plans. People in Portsmouth, like everywhere else, need to be supported during these tough times and that includes ensuring affordable housing remains protected and local businesses are able to thrive”.

Local people keen to support Save Housing In Portsmouth can download a campaign letter to send to Councillor Hancock at www.landlords.org.uk/news-campaigns/campaigns/save-housing-portsmouth

Supporters on Facebook can also join the ‘Save Housing In Portsmouth’ campaign page and Twitter users can tweet the campaign hash tag #savehousinginportsmouth.

Further information can be found at www.landlords.org.uk/news-campaigns/campaigns/save-housing-portsmouth

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