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Housing budget set to be slashed by 50%

However, Ministers are likely to set a target of building 150,000 affordable homes, changing the way councils charge rent to finance them, despite the cuts. Tenants will be charged nearer the going market rate, to release cash for the building programme.

Federation chief executive David Orr said in response:

"The government said it was committed to social housing and to protecting the most vulnerable.
"This can only be interpreted as a blatant betrayal of those promises and a kick in the teeth to millions of people stuck on waiting lists."

Jonathan Moore, director of easyroommate.co.uk, said of the potential cuts:

“This is the perfect example of the private sector taking over from the state. The private rented sector has shouldered an increasing share of the burden of the UK’s growing housing need. And if the housing budget is slashed in half, the sector will need to grow even further to cover the inevitable shortfall in affordable accommodation. Thousands of frustrated first-time buyers are already being kept out in the cold by tight lending criteria and unaffordably high house prices. Cutting the budget for social housing will close off another avenue for those who are unable to get onto the housing ladder and want a home of their own.

Campbell Robb, Shelter’s chief executive said:

‘The rumours of what we can expect in the spending review suggest the coalition government is severing the link between the state and one of our most basic requirements. The above average cuts to housing mean it has firmly turned its back on those most impacted by our affordable housing crisis.

‘These policies, and more importantly lack of policies to address our housing crisis, will see the door firmly closed on the aspirations of a whole generation for decent, secure, affordable housing to rent or buy. The gap between the housing haves and have nots will dramatically widen.’

‘These proposals reduce access and security to housing for some of the poorest and most vulnerable but there aren’t any policies to address exorbitant house prices or improve our ever growing private rented sector.

‘A succession of governments has failed to address an issue that is vitally important to every person in this country but this government’s package of reforms are not thought through as to how they will impact ordinary working families.

‘Protecting NHS spending and education while introducing policies that will see more children living in damp and overcrowded conditions simply does not add up.’

‘If the government does not set out its long term vision to solve our whole housing crisis urgently it must accept responsibility for the impact on child poverty, a lack of access to decent, affordable housing and already increasing levels of homelessness.’

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0 thoughts on “Housing budget set to be slashed by 50%

  1. Major Landlord says:

    We do not need council housing or social housing on anything like the scale that we have it. There should certainly NEVER have been grandfather rights to pass this housing on from generation to generation, nor indeed to sell it to its occupants at knockdown prices, only to have to replace it later at current market costs.

    No, the role of social housing should always be SHORT TERM assistance for those who REALLY need AND deserve it. Too many people consider that all benefits, including this, are theirs by right and are for life. We must change this mindset, which is one of the reasons we are in the mess we are in today. Society as a whole cannot and should not carry a disproportionate burden which comes about largely (but not exclusively) from people who refuse to take responsibility for their own circumstances. Those who, like Orr, defend the status quo are out of touch with the real world, and clearly care nothing for the rights of the hard working people of this country – whose efforts to be self-sufficient and not to be a burden on society are rewarded by ever-increasing tax bills to support those who think it’s OK to carry on having children and living a life they cannot themselves support.

    If you like the socialist model so much, Mr. Orr, why don’t you go and live in Cuba or China? We have a mess to clear up, and bills to settle, left behind by your Labour chums. Just shut up and let us get on with the job.