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“Finest” homes ambition with new London Housing Design Guide

All housing built on London Development Agency land is expected to meet these standards.  The standards will also start to be applied to housing schemes applying for funding from the London Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) from April 2011. 

The Guide aims to inspire the design of new housing and create a new vernacular in London. The Guide promotes better neighbourhoods, high environmental standards, better accessibility and better design in new publicly-funded housing. This includes new minimum standards for the amount of floor space and private outdoor space, as well as guidance on natural light and ceiling heights.

The Mayor of London Boris Johnson said:

"It is simply shameful that new homes in London have, until now, been so poorly designed.

"These guidelines will raise the standard of living for thousands of Londoners, ensuring brighter and more spacious living conditions, particularly for the growing number of larger families.

"This is the first step towards ridding London of the tiny, substandard housing which can blight communities for generations. Designers are now free to create innovative homes which are fit for this great city and its inhabitants."

London Development Agency Deputy Chief Executive Peter Bishop said:

"Better homes help create better places and create real, sustainable communities – places where people want to live and grow.  The London Housing Design Guide brings together the minimum standards needed to build high quality homes and we will apply these standards to all new housing on London Development Agency land."  

HCA London Design and Standards Manager Julian Hart said:

"The Design Guide means our investment partners will benefit from a single set of standards applied to all new developments in London from April 2011. It is essential that we have clarity and consistency on standards, but there should also be scope for implementing them creatively. The adoption of these new standards will be an important step in the process of promoting and achieving better homes in higher quality places where people want to live."

The full report can be downloaded from the London Development Agency website: http://www.lda.gov.uk/publications-and-media/publications/design-guide.aspx

A final version of the London Housing Design Guide will be produced next year.  This will be aligned with the Homes and Communities Agency’s national Core Housing Design and Sustainability Standards which are currently in development.

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