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Birmingham scoops millions to provide 234 new homes

The HCA has now confirmed its support of up to £4.7 million of investment to deliver the plans, from the £53 million national funding pot. The council is keen to swing into action, with construction work set to commence in late 2010. All 234 homes are due to be completed and ready for occupation by spring 2012.

New homes will be delivered in Sheldon, Bartley Green, Handsworth, Longbridge and Tyburn. All of these areas have housing need both in terms of affordable rented homes and homes for sale, many of which will be 4 and 5 bedroom houses.

Around two-thirds of the homes will be for outright sale, with the remaining 83 homes being provided for Birmingham City Council.

The new homes are being delivered in addition to 319 new homes being delivered by the Birmingham Municipal Housing Trust, as part of the council’s current £32 million house building programme. Under this programme the council started building homes earlier this year for rent and sale, side by side.

In the wake of the recent economic recession, the funding made available by the HCA, combined with land owned by the council will make the whole project possible. The developers of the homes for sale are incentivised by a profit sharing arrangement with some funds being re-cycled to help other schemes get started in the future. In return for using its own land, the council gets much needed homes for rent back to add to its housing stock.

In an attempt to move towards greener, safer and more attractive homes, all 234 properties will be designed to the highest standards possible with all homes achieving Code For Sustainable Homes Level 4.

Councillor John Lines, Cabinet Member for Housing, said: “This scheme is another way that we have supported the private sector to start building again, and we have not borrowed a penny to do it.

“I’m delighted that by working together with private developers and the HCA, we have got our people the best deal-hundreds of more family homes.

“I’m pleased we’ve secured the funding so we can get back to building more homes for our people. This announcement proves that once again the government trusts us to get the job done.”

As part of the council’s drive to address worklessness, apprenticeship opportunities in the construction industry will be available as part of the house building programme. Young people will be able to develop new skills with on the job training.

The council will utilise the HCA’s Delivery Partner Panel of contractors, which will allow for a shorter procurement process, and speedier start on site.

Paul Spooner, HCA Director for the West Midlands said: “This investment marks an important stage for new housing in Birmingham. It brings together local authority land, HCA investment and private sector development through our Delivery Partner Panel.  It will enable the early appointment of a Development Partner to construct much needed homes by early 2011 and complete the properties in 2012."

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