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Boris asks: Does size matter?

The review will also assess whether the Mayor’s current targets for the numbers of new family-sized homes is high enough, and explore the potential of introducing a temporary moratorium on building smaller social rented homes.

More than 200,000 of London’s households are overcrowded – an increase of around a third on the number ten years ago – and a glut of new small flats is failing to tackle the problem.

Creating bigger properties creates a dynamic churn in the housing market.  Building a six bedroom house will allow a family currently occupying a 4-5 bedroom house to move in, which will free up their house for a smaller family, and so on all the way down the scale.

Andrew Boff AM, Member of the Planning and Housing Committee, said:

“Families are languishing on housing waiting lists or raising children in unacceptably cramped conditions while councils and housing associations build too many one or two bedroom flats because it’s the easiest way to hit their targets.

“With overcrowding on the rise, it’s time to look beyond how many homes are built to what size of home would solve the most housing need.”.

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