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Landlords committed to effective ASB services

The survey asked specific questions of housing providers directly relating to how they are currently delivering their ASB services to their tenants, from both a strategic and operational perspective.

The findings give a clear indication of the housing sector’s position in relation to tackling ASB and demonstrate the barriers and challenges to this work.

The results of the survey show that tackling ASB remains a priority for social housing providers despite the economic downturn, but that more can be done to ensure ASB services deliver value for money.

The majority of landlords who responded demonstrated a clear commitment to working in partnership to ensure that the needs of the victims of ASB can be met. Furthermore, the survey findings show that, where there is scope to develop this work, landlords are eager to do so.

Of the survey findings TSA Chief Executive Peter Marsh said, “Tackling anti-social behaviour is a key concern for tenants across the country. The report highlights the difference in the tools and powers that are, and are not, being used by landlords to deal with the problem. These findings will help the ASB action team focus their work in supporting improvements in ASB services for tenants.”

Speaking at the launch of the report, CIH Chief Executive Sarah Webb said, “Anti-social behaviour can have a dreadful impact on individuals and communities, and housing professionals are often at the forefront of trying to tackle it. This survey gives a good understanding of how social landlords are responding to the challenge of ASB and its causes; and it shows where vital support, including the ASB action team, and also our policy and practice and training teams, can best support providers to learn and improve.”

To date, the ASB action team has been contacted by more than one hundred providers seeking advice and support in improving their services and the team is continuing to work with landlords across the country to help in securing better outcomes for people affected by anti-social behaviour.

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