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Budget axe targets Labour housing quangos

In a statement to the newspaper he said:

"I am having a long, hard look at every quango in this field.

"Those that are wasteful or fail to offer the public any benefit face the chop"

Agencies targeted include the Tenant Services Authority after it paid almost £100,000 in lobbying fees and £3500 on branded carrier bags. In total the TSA has received £38million but sorted just twelve complaints in its first year.

Mr Shapps went on to say:

"I can’t see how this waste of taxpayers’ cash benefits social tenants."

The Homes and Communities Agency is also under fire for spending nearly £33,000 sending seven staff to the French Riviera for a conference.

Other announcements are expected to include a freeze on council tax and a rise in capital gains tax although amidst a huge backlash this is likely to be tapered.

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0 thoughts on “Budget axe targets Labour housing quangos

  1. Major Landlord says:

    I never mind paying my taxes, and I accept that I will (like a lot of people) be hit hard as a result of today’s budget . . . as long as the money that is taken from me is spent wisely and beneficially.

    13 years of Labour have left us saddled with the most incredible raft of needless and pointless bureacracy, and a collection of arrogant, self-important quangoes who exist only to help themselves. The wastefulness of these people is beyond belief, as is their utter lack of conscience over spending other peoples’ money with absolutely no benefit to society whatsoever.

    Thank God for Grant Shapps and the new wave of Conservative commonsense he represents. Freed from the burden of paying for freeloaders and papershufflers, this country might yet pull out of its nose dive and learn to compete on the world stage once more.