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Benefit reform underpins vital work of Housing sector

Richard Capie, CIH Director of Policy and Practice, said:

“CIH has long called for reform of benefits, particularly Housing Benefit, to remove the barriers experienced by people seeking and entering work. Housing professionals do some great work to support some of the country’s most vulnerable and excluded households into training and employment, but the benefit system can reduce the impact of these efforts. The detail of reforms has yet to be decided. We would hope to see the introduction of extended Housing Benefit payments to ease transition into work; and new assessment processes which give stability to people who are in work but on fluctuating incomes. In the longer term, we would like to see support for housing costs integrated into a tax credit system – this is the most realistic way to reduce the impact of benefit withdrawal rates when someone enters employment.”

He went on to say, “We have high hopes for the new Cabinet Committee on Social Justice, and look forward to working closely with them to develop short and longer term reforms and deliver a welfare system which holistically supports positive outcomes for individuals and communities.”

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