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Two-thirds of pensioners let down by Government

The survey was taken amongst tenants of Girling Retirement Options who are funding retirement through a mixture of state and private pensions and investments, but feel dissatisfied with the way the current government has overlooked their age group. 43% are looking to the next government to increase the state pension to provide pensioners with the financial help they need. 

Peter Girling, Chairman said, “One of the biggest challenges facing older people today is how to fund a comfortable retirement and this is a problem that won’t be solved easily and won’t go away. Even if the retirement age limit is reformed by the next government, it won’t alleviate the financial difficulties predicted for the retired in years to come.”

“The majority of our tenants are worried about their financial future and regardless of who wins on 6 May, they will be looking to the next government to raise the state pension and to prioritise the interests of older people. With 17 million UK voters over 55 years old, making up 4 out of 10 of the total number of voters, let’s hope the next government sits up and takes notice of their needs,” he added.

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