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New inspection arrangements for social housing landlords

The main inspection methodology will remain unchanged during this period, however new arrangements include:

The Audit Commission will use only those parts of the existing Key Lines of Enquiry (KLOEs) that are directly related to the TSA standards

Providers will be notified by the TSA of the reasons they are being inspected, the service areas being inspected and the relevant KLOE extracts that align to these standards

Inspections will focus on the providers giving assurance and evidence as to how they are meeting the standards and delivering outcomes to tenants, as well as considering their ability for improvement

The TSA and Audit Commission will publish the reports and the TSA will oversee the delivery of the Improvement Plan as part of establishing compliance with the standard. Where self-improvement is not appropriate or is proving unsuccessful, the TSA will consider the use of enforcement powers.

TSA Chief Executive Peter Marsh said, ‘I am delighted that we have agreed an approach with the Audit Commission for this interim period that will inspect providers’ performance against the new standard where we have cause for concern.’

Audit Commission Chief Executive Steve Bundred said, ‘This statement ensures that our inspections of social housing landlords will be clearly focused and will help drive improvements on behalf of tenants.’

In May 2010, the TSA and Audit Commission will publish a joint consultation document setting out a proposed inspection methodology to be effective from October 2010. This consultation will ensure that tenants, providers and stakeholder organisations can help shape new arrangements for inspection that reflect the new regulatory framework.

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