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UK Tenants get their own voice heard

A fifty strong Council of tenants from across England has already been established as part of the new organisation, from which the following nine tenant board members have been appointed:

Nic Bliss, Cora Carter, Brenda Chester, Carole Donnelly, Michael Gelling, Ann Harris, Joseph Kargbo, John Paul Maytum and Pol O’Gray.

A further six non – national tenant council appointments have been made following a public recruitment exercise:

Steven Bright, Professor Tony Crook, Maccs Pescatore, Maggie Shannon, Ian Youll and Andrew Young.

Recruitment to the board has been carried out in line with Office of the Commissioner for Public Appointments (OCPA) guidelines.

The Minister for Housing John Healey said:

"The National Tenant Voice is now up and running.  It will be run by tenants for the benefit of tenants and will speak up for the 8 million people living in public housing across England.

"The board members share a wealth of housing experience from across the country. They will help ensure the NTV represents all those it has been set up to serve.

"The board members I have appointed and their tenant chair Michael Gelling will be at the heart of the National Tenant’s Voice and will help shape housing policy for the future."

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0 thoughts on “UK Tenants get their own voice heard

  1. Major Landlord says:

    Red Healey strikes again. As if tenants don’t already have enough rights (far more than any landlord, social or otherwise), those who are already getting subsidised rents and unfair favouritism compared to private tenants now have a state-sponsored “trade union” to help them demand even MORE special treatment.

    As this is aimed squarely at social landlords, who (one would have hoped) are already firmly on the side of their tenants, does this not strike everyone as pointless over-kill? What it strikes ME as, is a Housing Minister whose daily obsession is gathering ever more power unto himself, and also of political vote-chasing among the benefit- and hand-out dependent – nothing more or less than thinly-disguised bribery to vote Labour.

    Why doesn’t Red Healey get off his political a*s* and do something REALLY meaningful for a change: like helping/incentivising private and social landlords to provide better accommodation, rollover tax relief for trading up to better accommodation, reduced VAT on upgrade work, legislation to protect landlords from dishonest tenants etc?

    No, he’d rather pretend to be the friend of the man in the street, currying favour and buying votes by constantly beating up ALL landlords (private and social), while drawing his fat-cat MP and Minster salaries. How many people would buy his socialist BS if they knew what he is really trousering?