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CIH helps landlords tackle anti-social behaviour

CIH identified the importance of tackling anti-social behaviour to tenant satisfaction and the well-being of communities in the mid 1990s, resulting in the publication of its first guidance on nuisance and anti-social behaviour in 1998. CIH has continued to develop its thinking on this issue in a series of five publications and tool-kits over the past decade. CIH’s involvement in this latest initiative reflects its accumulated expertise in this area of housing management.

Head of Policy, Abigail Davies said: "Feeling safe and secure in your home is hugely important for any resident. CIH and housing professionals already undertake a leading role in the creation of safer communities. This new initiative will provide new opportunities for the sector to learn and improve professional practice over the next two years.

"CIH is pleased to be at the heart of this project to drive forward sector led improvement, and, most importantly, embed it within the sector. This project will give much needed support in situations which are often challenging and dangerous, but an increasingly important aspect of the work of housing professionals."

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