Government doubles cash for council house-building

Healey also confirmed that many would be new family homes, while all would be highly energy efficient and add to the mixed make-up of local neighbourhoods.
And for the first time, Healey has required all councils receiving Government funds to offer apprenticeship and local job recruitment schemes, creating 7500 jobs and around 100 new apprenticeship places.
The move is part of a huge Government investment in building new affordable rented homes. This year’s Government spending will be the largest for affordable housing for at least two decades.
Healey said: "Councils have shown they’re ready and willing to build new homes, so I’m ready to back them. This year’s Government spending for affordable housing will be the largest for at least two decades.
"More affordable homes for rent are needed in every part of the country. We’re using the power of public investment to help economic growth by building the homes we need and creating jobs and skills for the future. And we must get the most for every taxpayer’s pound, so I am requiring all councils getting this Government money to offer new jobs and apprenticeships to local people.
"Today’s announcement also signals a new style of council housing that adds to the mixed make-up of local neighbourhoods. Forty per cent of the homes being built will be three and four-bedroom family homes which are designed to high energy efficiency standards and will often be built alongside existing private housing."

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