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Plans for national register of social housing tower blocks

The TSA will begin collecting data from housing associations in February 2010.

Phil Morgan, Executive Director Tenant Services said: "The health and safety of tenants is obviously of paramount importance to housing associations and their tenants. That is why the TSA is proposing to include health and safety in its new standards for social housing landlords, which come into force from April, and by developing a new national register of tower blocks.

"The register will be a valuable tool, allowing us to build up a comprehensive picture of tower blocks in England. It will allow us to work with landlords to ensure that they are fully complying with their responsibilities to carry out risk assessments and taking appropriate action so that tenants are properly protected from the risk of fire."

The TSA wrote to all housing associations in July last year asking them to check the fire safety of their tower blocks following the fire at Lakanal House in Camberwell. Housing associations were asked to inform the TSA if they owned any housing with similar "scissor block" design features which were of concern. Communities and Local Government (CLG), with whom the TSA is working closely on these issues, wrote to all local authorities asking for similar information.

The register is expected to be available in the summer.

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