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Review of inspections to support new housing standards

The TSA and Audit Commission will develop a new inspection approach that aligns to the new standards that the TSA expects all social housing landlords to meet from April next year. 

Both the TSA and the Audit Commission will involve landlords, tenants and other stakeholders in helping them shape the future arrangements. A joint consultation document will be published in March 2010. The TSA and Audit Commission Boards will make final decisions on the future approach to inspections around July 2010, with the new arrangements coming into force from 1 October.

Between 1 April 2010, when the TSA’s new powers come into effect, and 1 October, the TSA will commission inspections from the Audit Commission using a slimmed down version of the current Key Lines of Enquiry framework to support the TSA’s new standards.

TSA Chief Executive Peter Marsh said: "A vital part of our new regulatory framework is that we will ask the Audit Commission to inspect, in a targeted way, the performance of social landlords against our new outcome-focused standards. 
This fundamental review of the inspection methodology will ensure that tenants and providers will be able to help us and the Audit Commission shape the new arrangements."

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