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Government housing priorities must be questioned

HOW CAN THIS POSSIBLY BE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN IN A G8 COUNTRY? The government of this country has been in power for 12 years. We have never seen so much legislation and interference, particularly in the housing sector. Much has been made of tenancy deposit protection, energy performance certificates and the beloved HIP.

Yet this same nanny-state goverment has stood by while millions of people continue to live in slums with leaky roofs and no proper heating or sanitation.Brown and his cronies should hang their heads in shame.

WHY has this situation been allowed to come about? The government seems to have very odd priorities: bullying people into throwing away perfectly good boilers to be replaced by condensing boilers that last only 7-8 years . . . while others have no boiler at all.

Could it be that HIPs and EPCs make money for the government, while enforcing decent housing standards does not?

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