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Landlords get help to tackle anti-social behaviour

"We know that some landlords are already doing a great job and working with families in trouble – so that the problems created in their communities are dealt with and not just moved to another place. But in other areas, some social housing tenants are causing problems for everyone else – and landlords are not doing enough to deal with anti-social behaviour. Our new anti-social behaviour action squad will help landlords to tackle the issues head on."

Meanwhile, the National Housing Federation has also welcomed the Government’s move on anti-social behaviour.

However, the Federation has also warned that housing associations should not be compelled to adopt the Respect agenda, as this could divert resources away from long-standing and successful measures that housing associations already have in place to meet specific local problems.

National Housing Federation chief executive David Orr said: "We are concerned that compelling landlords to adopt the Respect agenda could divert resources away from the already very successful measures housing associations have in place and could stifle creative local solutions to these often complex issues."

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