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Right to buy to be abolished in Scotland

The right to buy for all new council and social housing tenants is to be abolished in Scotland.

Scottish Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon told the SNP conference the policy had "had its day".

The Scottish government has already said it would abolish the right to buy for new build social housing.

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4 thoughts on “Right to buy to be abolished in Scotland

  1. Geoff Hanson says:

    It is about time a government sees the folly of Right to Buy – ‘social housing’ sold into the private sector more like….the wholesale discounting of large tranches of property across the UK. It has no doubt contributed to the lack of ‘affordable’ housing for people. No council housing means private rental (at a higher price? paid by the rate payers).
    Buy at a discount get through pre-emption of 3 years before a new owner can sell at full price??? The system was and is open to abuse, people have made a lot of money on the rate/taxpayer on this scam.
    It would be good to see the back of the scheme in the UK. Council houses should stay in the social sector, if people feel the need to own their own home they should buy in the open market like the rest of us.

  2. Rob Sale says:

    Right to buy in the main is a Good thing as it allows people access to buy property that they could not not afford on the open market at the beginning, this allows them to get the Home owner ladder while in the main most Right to buyers stay in their homes and add value to their communities in social and economical factors. Yes there has been some abuse, but there is abuse in other government schemes.

    Has the Discount been to much? Maybe

    Is the 3-5 year claw back period to Short? maybe then lets put it up to 7yr or 10yr.

    but in the main most of those have gone on and bought new homes on open market and not reliant on social housing nor benefits system as it has made them considerably more wealthy, which helps the local and national economy.

    A Major question Should be asked of politicians is ;Where has the money gone from the sale of homes? as the Right To Buy system was designed so that when a tenant bought their home the council or housing associations put the money aside to replace the homes bought.

    Also I have seen our local council sell large bits of land off to developers and where new council homes could of been built Its just not in my local council this has happened it across the country. So you need start asking questions of your local politicians and start asking them whats happening to the money made from RTB and sale of council land. I think the anger is being directed in the wrong direction and it smells distinct putridness of Jealousy and snobbery.

    Also the fact is local authorities don’t want to have housing stock as it is seen as expensive to maintain hence why Glasgow sold all its housing stock to GHA which is backed by a private firm at arms length at £100 a unit. So tenants buying council homes suits local Councils as they have less stock to to manage.

    I have Clients that have benefited from Right to buy and it must be noted that most of the tenants whom buy there homes tend to go onto keep them, We must not always pander to the press and their headlines.

    To add another point is that once the RTB’er has paid the mortgage they have no further liabilities for example rent (for the rest of their lives) they tend to spend that money in the the local and national economy as they feel richer when the mortgage is paid off.

    If you want to help the poor then allow them to have right to buy, in the main these are good tax paying people and we must not clump them together with work shy dodgers.

  3. Major Landlord says:

    As seen above, there are arguments for and against Right To Buy. But let’s consider the deeper issues:

    – NOBODY should be allowed to buy a publicly-owned asset at a discount, regardless of whether they lived in it or not. My tenants cannot buy the properties they rent from me, let alone at a knockdown price
    – if we accept that we need a certain level of public/social housing stock, why are we selling it at all?
    – if somebody who lives in social housing can afford to buy it, then they sould not be in it in the first place.
    – the whole principal of allocation of social housing is flawed. NOBODY should consider that they have the right to live in it forever, nor to pass it on to the next generation. This creates and fosters a benefit-reliant culture that is now too prevalent in our society, and deprives those who need help most.
    – EVERYBODY in social housing or on housing benefit should be means-tested every 2 years, and the aim should be to make them self-reliant and remove them from valuable social housing stock as soon as possible. They should then rent privately, with reduced or no assistance, or buy (possibly with help with finding a deposit, or reduced cost borrowing). As soon as possible, they should be treated the same as everyone else.

    Right to Buy = right to rip off society. It was a lousy idea that should have been strangled at birth.

  4. John Thorpe says:

    I got this instance of the “Right to Buy” mess from a senior member of Communities and Local Government which shows how it permits abuse of the UK funds.
    A worker in Eastern Europe who applies for and gets a job in the UK to fill a gap in our workorce. He comes to England, starts his job and then once settled brings his wife and three children. After a while he has the misfortune to be laid off and cannot get fresh employment right away. He applies to the Local Authority for a Council house and, because of his family circumstances gets a Council House.. He then gets new work and under the “Right to Buy ” scheme applies to buy his Coiuncil House and gets it at a knock down price. No wonder the BNP is picking up voters!!!

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