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Right-to-move proposals criticised as ‘unworkable’

"A far more effective way to achieve mobility would be to overhaul the allocations system for social housing, so that tenants needing to move for employment purposes will find it easier to get a home in the area they want to move to.

"The Conservatives’ proposals on the ‘right to move’ are unworkable. It would mean that housing associations could end up with properties dotted all over the country, with their maintenance staff having to spend entire days travelling across the country, and emitting huge amounts of carbon, just to get to one property.
"It could also lead to local housing associations managing a wide range of one-off properties for other associations with considerable additional costs and a large VAT bill.

"This scheme could not be implemented without adding massively to the costs of housing associations – which would inevitably hamper their ability to provide badly needed new homes and vital community services."

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