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£98 million for affordable homes in Yorkshire and the Humber

The split across the region includes £11.7m for 222 homes in Humberside, in North Yorkshire £23.6m for 415 homes, South Yorkshire with £24.6m for 591 homes and West Yorkshire, incorporating the Leeds City region with almost £30m for 634 homes. Rural housing need is addressed within this with £17.5m investment representing 292 homes across Yorkshire and the Humber.

David Curtis, the HCA’s regional director for Yorkshire and the Humber, said: “This is very positive news for the region. Through this process we are able to maintain momentum in the current market downturn and support housebuilders in preparing for economic recovery, whilst at the same time meet regional priorities agreed by the Regional Housing Board. Through this market engagement process, we are also in a position to focus investment where economic prosperity can best be influenced – for example in local areas.

“The successful bids recognise the differences in the markets across the sub-regions and make sure that local issues are accounted for. They also represent the issues that cut across the region, including maintaining focus on the provision of larger family and rural homes, plus meeting the needs of vulnerable members of the community.”

The mini-bid round was held after an exercise which tasked local authorities with prioritising their investments, aiming to achieve outcomes consistent with the Regional Housing Strategy, the HCA’s output targets and to accomplish starts on site and completions in the next two years. The bids were assessed on the basis of strategic fit, quality, deliverability and value for public money to arrive at investment decisions ensuring that we continually contribute to the creation of successful places.”

The remainder of the NAHP resources, including the additional resource announced in the Housing Pledge by the Prime Minister in July 2009, will be allocated through continuous market engagement. The HCA will seek to add to the existing allocations with more quality schemes that will meet local and regional priorities and contribute to the delivery of our challenging targets.

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