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Communities to help shape Scotland’s housing


Local organisations and communities are being invited to share their experience of the role housing can play in improving the wellbeing of Scotland.

The call comes from the recently formed Housing & Wellbeing Commission, which is hosted by Shelter Scotland. The independent Commission is charged with considering the relationship between housing and wellbeing for the people of Scotland and setting out its recommendations for the way forward.

People can share their experiences and evidence via housingandwellbeing.org. The site asks housing bodies, residents’ organisations, housing associations and local authorities to provide details of local housing projects that go beyond bricks and mortar and contribute to the broader wellbeing of an area.

The evidence received will feed into the Commission’s work to consider and make recommendations on national housing priorities and policies to foster and sustain wellbeing for the public. This work comes at a time when many commentators believe there is a serious lack of affordable housing and too much poor quality housing which could adversely affect the life chances of many people across Scotland.

Robert Black, Chair of the Housing and Wellbeing Commission, said:

“We are inviting communities and local organisations across Scotland to share their experience on how housing initiatives can be used to help improve wellbeing.

“The evidence they share on their experiences will enable us to identify examples of good practice and key issues which we will need to consider in drawing conclusions and recommendations on how best to improve wellbeing through better housing.”

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