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RICS: Build the right homes for everyone in the UK

The RICS Housing Commission has formed recommendations for what government and industry should do to drive investment in affordable housing and ultimately build the right homes for everyone in the UK.

The Commission, chaired by Michael Newey, took practical evidence from the property profession, the not-for-profit housing sector, investors, developers, stakeholders and public interest bodies.

This conclusive report, launched on Monday 24 June 2013, was delivered to the UK Housing Minister and the Shadow Housing Minister to help formulate policies to address the country’s housing crisis in the short term and manifesto commitments ahead of the 2015 election.

Commission took evidence, and has provided recommendations, in key areas: ◾Effective subsidies ◾Improving stock quality ◾Regulation ◾Land availability ◾Facilitating investment in the rental sector.

Arriving in close proximity to the Comprehensive Spending Review, this is also a timely opportunity to consider what the Chancellor will be doing to deliver investment in affordable housing – is the answer more capital spending or more innovation in investment wrappers?

You can download the report here:


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