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Budget makeover tips – Sure fire ways to sell your house fast!

1. Windows

Maybe you’ve heard that eyes are the windows to the soul, but consider that the alternative is also true: windows are channels to the home’s interior. Giving your windows a makeover is a quick and relatively cheap way to improve the look and feel of every room simply by letting in more light, installing neater blinds or fashionable shutters and removing heavy, bland or worn curtains.

2. Paint

A job that you can do with a little bit of know-how and a lot of patience, repainting and repairing certain areas can improve the appearance of your home and extend the life of your current paint job. But keep in mind that painting the whole outside or inside of your house is a major job! Considering advances in technology, paint can be applied to many smaller surfaces like desks, cabinets, doors and pillows!

3. Fittings

Girls who get makeovers make small improvements (eye brow wax, lash tints) that can make a big difference. Try to look over your home with a critical eye and replace knobs and handles on cupboards, cabinets and drawers in rooms like the kitchen and bathroom. Don’t forget to look closely at those wobbly legs on your furniture as well!

4. Floors

Fixing floors isn’t a quick or budget-friendly fix. But if your flooring is a looking a bit under the weather, a well-placed and fashionable rug can hide all sorts of sins. It can separate large spaces, demarcating areas like the lounge in an open plan room, and bright colours can warm up the overall atmosphere.

5. Light

Presenting a home that’s well-kept and fashionable makes a great first impression. Light fittings are central fixtures that attract the eye, and if yours are old-fashioned or mismatched, it can be a quick giveaway of the age of your home. Visit a large hardware or lighting store and pick up some new fixtures that won’t break your budget.

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