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Homeswapshop set to launch unique UK service

With the number of UK home swaps rising steadily, the timing for a brand-new interface which allows customers to identify potential property swaps from an extensive database of property details could not be better, its creators said.

The premise behind Homeswapshop.com is a simple one, and regional trials in the South West of England have gone so well that agents are already on board keen to put into practice Homeswapshop.com’s "I have what you want and you have want I want" sophisticated matching database technology.

Homeswapshop said that unlike other property portal sites, agents were able to directly identify potential swaps it had created thus reducing their fall through rate and enabling them to match vendors who have the same interest in swapping as opposed to selling their homes.

Director Jon Williams said: "It is important to point out that all business generated by Homeswapshop.com is directed to the member Estate Agents who can maximise their income opportunities."

Ian Fraser, Managing Director of Fulfords Estate Agents, one of the largest Countrywide agents in the South West said: "I find the concept of Homeswapshop very exciting and I’m convinced that Estate Agents making effective use of the site will transact more business.

"The site causes Agents to focus on finding their client a home whether by means of a swap or not – good old
fashioned Estate Agency you might say."

Homeswapshop’s founding Directors, Mark Flynn, Julian Partridge and Jon Williams, career estate agents with more than 60 years combined experience, have all operated in both the challenging and booming market conditions experienced since the late 1980ʼs, and fully appreciate the challenges faced by Estate Agents working today.

Flynn said: "Unlike many property portals that are merely web based advertising sites, Homeswapshop.com is actually a sales tool which creates an environment where Estate Agents can work together for the first time and share information about their vendors’ selling and buying requirements, without compromising their own instruction or fees.

"This has to be good for the public when selling their home through a Homeswapshop.com member agent."

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2 thoughts on “Homeswapshop set to launch unique UK service

  1. Good idea but often stopped by the Stamp Duty implications. From the HM Revenue and Customs website “If two or more transactions are treated as linked then the buyer must pay any SDLT due on the total value of all the linked transactions. This may mean that they have to pay a higher rate of SDLT than if the transactions had been treated individually”

  2. I acutally think the Stamp Duty may be less. The linking of two or more transactions is when they are being purchased by the same buyer and the same seller. In this case, the buyer and seller are the opposite, so this should not fall foul of this regulation. In fact, it could be argued that both properties are “valued” lower than the estate agent suggests as they are not selling and so both properties could be down valued by the same amount. Both vendors would get the same amount, and less stamp duty would be payable.

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