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Top Tips for selling your home in Spring

"Despite the unpredictable weather this month across much of the UK, we are fast approaching summer and many sellers find this period an ideal time to place their property on the market and secure a speedy sale.

"The challenging market conditions mean that house-hunters are even more aware of a property’s pros and cons. So while it’s important to maximise any summer features in your home, remember that house-hunters will also be thinking about how it fairs during the winter months. With a few simple considerations it’s possible to ensure your property will meet a prospective buyer’s needs all year round."

The NAEA has four key tips to remember when trying to sell your property during the spring and summer months:
– Be flexible with viewings  House hunters may want to view the property by day and night to see how natural light falls around each room at different times. Given that there is much more daylight during the summer, be flexible and consider offering night-time viewings to prospective buyers who will appreciate your forward thinking.
– Turn up the heat  For some house-hunters the chill of winter may have been all too present in previous properties which suffered from bad insulation. With Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) now mandatory, be sure to emphasise any additional insulation or energy-saving measures you’ve had installed, such as double glazed windows, attic and cavity wall insulation, or an energy-efficient boiler. More detail on EPCs can be found at: www.directgov.uk  
– Don’t wait for a rainy day You never know when a heavy rain shower may expose the weaknesses of your guttering or any regular leaks. Savvy house hunters will take a closer look anyway, but don’t be let down by a bad weather spell during the unpredictable British summer.  Make sure you get those odd-jobs sorted before you start viewings.
– Think about multi-purpose spaces Decking, patios and summer houses can look great in the sunshine, but if you’ve got useful winter spaces, such as a porch for dirty boots, then make sure you bring them to the attention of cautious house-hunters, as they could make all the difference.

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