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When the internet fails: Can property be sold without it?

Take my own situation, I have a property that I am selling, which is probably unique in the UK. It is a single property which is designed for multi-generational living, but is equally suited for mixed residential and commercial use such as boutique spa hotel, private clinic or residential retreat…even a music recording studio. The opportunities are endless, but nobody can find it.

Ok, if we were in the centre of a major city, rather than a rural location, we might have a better chance of being seen, but who in their right mind is going to search every part of the UK in the hope of finding a unique property.

We live in a world of infinite choice, no longer do we have the choice of "any colour so long as it is black", nor do we all want buy properties that can be selected by location or price.

There is a huge business opportunity for any person or business that accepts we are individuals and that those individuals need to have the ability to find their chosen property, be it a place to work from, a home that meets specific requirements. In the meantime, can anybody direct me to agents who can sell property without using the internet.

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