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Ready to sell? Prepare to name your asking price

NAEA members Harrison Murray independent estate agents and valuers have some advice for sellers:
–      In the first instance, choose your agent wisely. Talk to friends, scour the papers, get recommendations and visit agents to get a feel for their style and professionalism.
–      Don’t necessarily choose the agent that suggests the highest value for your home, or one that offers the cheapest fee!
–      While national reports on house price trends are a useful indication of the state of the wider property market, it is essential to realise that housing markets are local.
–      Put yourself in a buyer’s position and be realistic about your pricing. The memories that make your home so valuable to you aren’t going to be shared by the new owner – they will be thinking about what they will change about the house!
–      Be flexible and know what you are prepared to accept. Think about the amount that you would like to receive and the figure you are prepared to accept. Knowing both of these at the outset will help you to price your home and also make negotiations with buyers more straightforward.
Harrison Murray managing director Nick Salmon said: “Getting a property sold is a team effort between the agent and the seller so owners who show they’re sensible and keen to sell will always be at the forefront of the agent’s mind.”

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